Ask Momma Gwen a Question

Ask Momma Gwen a Question

Hello there!  This is a special page that I hope you will return to often.  I have so many questions sent my way and I wanted to share these questions and suggestions with you, in hopes that they will help you along the path we call motherhood. Go ahead – Ask... read more

When it’s Time to Meet the Parents

How much weight do you put on your parents’ opinion of your boyfriend? [Your parents] It’s really one of those topics that no one else will ever totally understand. Some parents live together and don’t agree on anything. Other parents live apart but get along great.... read more

Amazing Kids Need Challenges

This is part of the series:  Our Family Values for Raising Amazing Kids The first challenge your kid will face is sleeping alone.  Fast forward a few years and the challenges will continue to come.  Provide challenging games and puzzles for your kids.  Don’t... read more

Amazing Kids Need Quality Time

Part of the series:  Amazing Kids Have Values Feeling like there is a lack of Quality Time with your kid is one of the biggest contributors to Mom Guilt. There just never seems to be enough hours to go around as a mom. There is a saying “quality time is more... read more

They Call Me Mom

Momma Gwen – My kids are all out of the house now and the adjustment is hard! Any suggestions? Dear fellow empty-nester, My kids are also now all out of the house and it seems the lessons on how to be a mom just keep on coming! Why is it so hard for us to... read more

Amazing Kids Need Education

This is from the series:  Our Family Values for Raising Amazing Kids Education. Wow, how do I put in words the value our family puts on education? This is one of my favorite quotes about education: Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire... read more

Amazing Kids Need Identity

Part of the series:  Our Family Values for Raising Amazing Kids We may throw our hands in the air at times of frustration and exclaim that we do not know who our kids are. The truth is we do not know who are kids are automatically.   Kids come with prewiring of... read more

Amazing Kids Need Respect

From the series:  Amazing Kids Have Values Ask a teenager about respect and they will probably respond that people should respect their opinions.  There might be an ounce of truth in that, but kids need to be taught how to respect others and how to respect authority.... read more

Amazing Kids Need Love

This is from the series:  Amazing Kids Have Values Every kid needs to not only receive love, they need to understand what love means. This family value of love is important in raising amazing kids Parents, most parents anyway, love their kids and we do expect our kids... read more

About This Blog is a place for advice and encouragement for moms. I want to help moms of all ages & all stages win against this enemy of fun called Mom Guilt!

I’m Momma Gwen, an imperfect mom of 29 years who has found some secrets to raising amazing kids and winning against Mom Guilt! I look forward to sharing these secrets with you! Mom of 5 grown kids, married 31 years, mentor to gals in their 20’s & 30’s, advisor to newly married and younger moms, blogger, writer, speaker, teacher. Read More about “”

“I don’t know what it is about food your mother makes for you, especially when it’s something that anyone can make – pancakes, meat loaf, tuna salad – but it carries a certain taste of memory.”

— Mitch Albom,

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